Q: What charges or fees do you charge?

A: We charge nothing for advice. We do not generally charge ongoing management fees. All costs associated with any transaction are clearly disclosed before we do any business.

Q: How should I invest for the future?

A: We do a thorough review of each person’s situation and recommend potential solutions on the facts. We use four principles when investing for the long term; diversification, allocation, rebalancing, and simplicity. Each term is explained on the first consult.

Q: Why should I deal with Reynolds Financial Advisors?

A: WE have over 100 years’ experience and have been in the financial services profession all of those years in the tri county area. We are committed to our profession and to the best interests of all those we serve.

Q: Why do I need a financial advisor?

A: The need for a financial advisor is beneficial to help make financial decisions that could potentially impact yourself and your family members. The economic climate continues to change and the change brings with it more issues and decision making. A financial advisor could help alleviate the complexity of those issues and decisions.

Q: Do I need a beneficiary designated on my accounts?

A: Yes, a beneficiary or a Transfer on Death (TOD) recipient should be listed on accounts. This will allow for the direct transfer of assets to the designated recipients. When a beneficiary or TOD is designated it potentially eliminates or reduces probate costs.

 Neither Woodbury Financial nor its representatives or employees provide legal or tax advice. If legal or tax advice or other expert assistance is required, the service of a currently practicing professional should be sought.